It is time to start the process to prepare and work toward a RYLA 2022!!
We are beginning a lot of activities to start the process of getting ready for Camp RYLA 2022, which will be held as usual at Camp Hoblitzelle this coming summer!     Dates are May 29, – June 3, 2022.   
We will also hold  our annual RYLA Roundup/Kick-off on January 29th at 9 AM, with all the current club RYLA Club Chairpersons.   The plan currently is to hold this meeting in person at Green Hill School (which is located at Midway Rd. and Spring Valley Rd.) in Farmers Branch.   This meeting is an excellent opportunity for new members to learn about RYLA Programs and will also be a great opportunity for familiar faces to get caught up on the whirlwind of efforts and events that have taken place over the course of the last few months.   There will be a lot of important information to share as we work on putting on a safe camp program for this year’s student attendees and staff.
We are eager to see everyone there!  Each club is receiving all pertinent information for this meeting through their RYLA Chairperson and Club Presidents.  Keep an eye out for your email invite for the Kick-Off, or if you not seeing information send a note to