This fall, Coppell Rotarian, Dr. Prakash Kabbur delivered  baby, Paris Nguyn , who weighed less than a pound.
She was the smallest baby delivered at Medical City Arlington. Dr Kabbur, the neonatologist on the team which provided a miracle outcome and Paris went home at a healthy six pounds. Dr. Kabbur is a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow and has been a member of the Coppell Rotary Club since 2017. Rotarian Prakash has participated in several Global Grants written by the Coppell Rotary Club for Maternal and Child health and travelled worldwide with vocational training teams.  Prakash is also President of Train and Help Babies , a Coppell-based humanitarian organization dedicated to improving premature birth survival in high mortality regions worldwide. Prakash exemplifies "Service Above Self "and is a Rotary "Person of Action"