The Coppell Rotary Club has been awarded the distinguished "District 5810 International Service Award" for the club's work in 2018-2019.  Coppell Rotary Club partnered with Rotary host club, Hubli Mid-Town (India) and our local Train and Help Babies(TaHB) organization.
Together we were able to put together a grant that provided a vocational training team (VTT) from TaHB and Children's Hospital, Houston, to Karnataka state in India.  This team conducted neonatal and pediatric training  through the Karnataka Institute of Medical Science , the local public health hospital covering the area.
The grant also covered a neonatal body cooling machine that was identified as the most necessary piece of equipment needed to reduce infant mortality in the area, which is in the top 10 regions for infant mortality in the world. The body cooling equipment requires the specialized training provided by the VTT team to several clinics in nearby cities. Coppell resident and Rotarian Dr. Prakash Kabbur, is instrumental and  leads the Vocational Training Team upon travels to India.
To-date over 30 babies have been save from critical conditions and many more have had quicker recoveries using the techniques and equipment supplied by our Rotary club. For more information or to become a member of Coppell Rotary, visit<> or email<