The Rotary Club of Dallas, in partnership with Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, and Dallas Fire & Rescue, held the Annual Rotary Club of Dallas Bike Rodeo and Child Safety Day as an educational and entertaining morning for families on Saturday, April 1, 2023 at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital.
Each child was fitted with a bike helmet before immersing in the Bike Rodeo safety course. The course is a safe environment for children to practice bicycle safety skills by riding bikes through simulated traffic situations, road conditions, signs, road markings, safety and maintenance training. The activities created awareness of bicycle safety issues, while also teaching parents the importance of ensuring that children always use the safety equipment. Children who brought their own bikes were able to have their bikes inspected and repaired if needed.. Every child who completed the Bike Rodeo safety course were tested and received a Safe Rider ‘license’, and a raffle ticket to win a new bike of their choice.

Over 40 new bikes of all sizes were given away.

In addition to the safety course, there were games, face painting, positive interaction with first responders, SWAT, helicopters and rescue vehicles! Lots of fun, free food and drink!