One of the innovations this past year was the Flag Summit held to discuss best practices of clubs who utilize this fundraiser. Sharing this information proved to  be economical.  Recently, the Rowlett Rotary Club needed to purchase some additional flags.
Since they knew that the Carrollton/ Farmers Branch Rotary club was purchasing from the same vendor, they reached out to our District Flag Chairman. As a result of the information shared at the two summits, the Rowlett  club saved over $500.  Another club wanted to use the 2.5” medallions markers and reached out to get good vendor information and pricing.
We are looking to complete information from all clubs who  have done flag programs. The gathering of this information will only be shared among our clubs.  We are not trying to consolidate any flag programs.  Each club will continue to conduct their flag program as they wish. But all will be armed with options available.  We will maintain This info to share such as who has flag programs, what area they cover, tracking  and software choices, marketing tools and strategies and give clubs an opportunity to know best practices.
If you have not provided your flag information, please contact  so that our records may be complete. 
We also  stand ready to assist any club that is interested in starting a flag program.