The Mesquite Rotary Club has presented scholarship awards of $1,500 each to students from each of the Mesquite and Sunnyvale area high schools, and to a student from the Mesquite Academy.
This investment by the club in the future of these deserving area scholars totaled $12,000.
Those receiving the $1,500 Rotary scholarships this year included Meslie Garcia of Mesquite High School, Taitu Batiste of North Mesquite High School, Jennifer Cueva of West Mesquite High School, Coleigh Mangham of Dr. Ralph H. Poteet High School, Kaitlin Wheeler of Dr. John D. Horn High School, De Anthony Ivan Aguilar of the Mesquite Academy, Justin Webb of Dallas Christian School, and Camden Rogers of
Sunnyvale High School.
The Mesquite Rotary Club scholarship committee for 2020 was chaired by Todd Price, and also included Lindsay Paris, Jones Doughton, Ophelia Phillips, and Mike Ridgeway. In making the award decisions, the committee considered the students’ academic records, their involvement in school activities, their community service activities, and financial need. 
Due to the school and community shutdowns that have been caused by the Covid-19 emergency, the committee faced extra difficulties this year in their work of considering the applications for the scholarships from deserving students at all of the schools.  The task was accomplished due to their hard work, and due to the extra efforts of guidance personnel from each school.  This included Megan Green and Travis Hill from Mesquite, Adena Bell from North Mesquite, Mistie McClelland and Jennifer Meek from West Mesquite, Kristy Davis, Clarissa Joyce, Pebbles Martin, and Misty Rose from Poteet, Madelyn Hill, Leslie Thomas, Lara Rowe, and Yolanda Deatheridge from Horn, Lauren Hatch from the Academy, Tammy Seabourne from Dallas Christian, and Clark Mitchell from Sunnyvale.