In a town with five Rotary Clubs and only three Senior High Schools, it made sense for Plano Rotary Club to invite Plano East Rotary Club to join them for Coaches Day. The PISD athletic director along with the three senior high school coaches bragged about how successful they believed their teams would be.  The theme word for the teams this year is Believe.
Plano Rotary Club was ousted from their host venue two weeks in a row due to lack of air conditioning.  One of the local banks offered a meeting room but failed to tell us when they were low on staff and had to close their doors temporarily.  Plano ISD Administration graciously hosted the club for two weeks in a row because they believe in what Rotary does and are 'grateful for all Plano Rotary has contributed to the schools.'
Each of the coaches that day praised Rotary for its contribution to the schools, the teams and all they do.  They said coaches day was a day they look forward to every year.
Plano Rotary Club and Plano East Rotary Club agreed to host a tailgate for all Plano Rotary Clubs this falls.  The dates is to be announced later since the schools have not given us a final schedule. We had great success joining resources for the Plano Rotary Parades on July 4th.
Working together sure enhances number 5 in the 5-way test - Is It Fun?!?!?