This past Saturday, Plano Rotary Club was well represented at the downtown Plano Texas Forever Fest. A troupe of heros showed up to support Rotary and raise money to support our commitment to Plano ISD Education Foundation. 
Beginning at 7am, we met to set up the booth with cases of water, tons of ice, cases of sodas, Plano Rotary Club BBQ Cookbooks and gourmet popcorn.   Throughout the day we had to opportunity to respond over and over to "What is Rotary?"   Based on the numbers of people who asked, the branding exposure was very good.
It was easy to explain what Rotary International does because we can all relate to the need to eradicate polio, provide aid to refugees and help provide clean water globally. But several individuals asked about local outreach.  For Plano Rotary Club it was easy to explain the focus on scholarships, education and family health.
Here's to the heros who helped work the event, including Bob Kehr, Peggy Fenwick, John Caldwell, Chip Stewart, Mike McCormack, Nancy Humphrey, Porcha Maten, Brittnea Ussery (and husband Chris), Emily Bickerstaff, Kathy Taylor, Jeff McKee, Janelle Twyford-Silvis and Ron Silvis (honorary voluntold spouse to Janelle Twyford-Silvis). Least we not forget some of our youngest and hardest working volunteers Christian McDannell, Caleb McDannell, Caylynn McDannell and Monique Silvis.  
Fellow Rotarians were onsite as well included Rick Horne, Paul Hernandez (onsite for Oncor), and Sara Akers (onsite for the arts community).  Porcha Maten even worked double duty. After leaving our booth, she went to work at the Legacy Charter Preparatory School booth.