Periodically we get together to just be together, no ties, no bell, no program.
 This time we chose one of the more historic restaurants in Dallas to meet at. But, lo and behold, this day a Rotarian from Brazil dropped in while on a layover, an Italian Rotoractor new to the area joined us wanting to serve, and a local official came by to see what Rotary is about.
If that wasn’t enough several ranking officers from the Dallas Police Department joined us and told us about a radical program they are launching (that has Rotarian involvement) to ensure that released prisoners are provided the resources to be successful when released, reducing recidivism.
To top it off, a young professional, who was coming to pitch his software to the restaurant, decided that could wait while he had lunch with us and heard all about Rotary. We were able to listen and speak to each of these individuals for over an hour. We, and they, would never have had such an opportunity if we hadn’t stepped out of our routine.