With a great turn out of Rotarians in attendance, we leaped into Camp RYLA 2020 (our 30th camp!) at our RYLA Kickoff held January 18th.   Each club's RYLA Chairperson is now equipped to recruit, interview, and select the best-fitting RYLA scholarship recipient in the local junior class. Look to your club's chairperson to see how you can get involved--this may be the most fun you have all year.  More information also at www.RYLA5810.org  
Bring a 2020 RYLA program to your club
As you are planning your club’s 2020 programs. be sure to include a presentation regarding all the RYLA programming available to scholarship recipients in our district.
We will do a brief overview of camp, and also cover all the continuing support we have for students beyond the week of camp. Day 7, Winter Summit, RYLA Connect and the RYLA Cast (our ongoing bi-weekly podcast, now in its second year ).   All these additional programs are incredible ongoing opportunities available to your students after the one-time experience of camp. Leadership growth never ends in our Rotary district and we want to make sure your members hear the message.
Lastly, we will make sure your club is up-to-date on the work of our RYLA 5810 Foundation.  Truly, what starts in this district is changing the world.
To organize and schedule a program contact:  Jim Duffy at  jfdgroup@flash.net , 972-998-5078