To say we're proud of this project is an understatement. Rotary Club of Wylie East Fork funded a sensory room at Hartman Elementary, turning a former book room into a calm space that can be used for students who need to take a breather. 
Several Hartman student ambassadors greeted us on the way to the ribbon cutting of the WISD's first sensory room. The soothing safe haven comes complete with several tents, soft lighting, relaxing music, squishy chairs and beanbags, and many tactile objects to calm a student down. "We knew we wanted to do a project for Hartman," said Wylie Rotary president Ofilia Barrera. "Principal Hudgins presented us with three different ideas, and this was the big one. We wanted to go for the big one!" Principal Hudgins sent a detailed wish list of the items for the room, and Wylie Rotary provided a check to fund every wish