As of July 16 of this year, you can now dial or text the three digit number "988" to reach the National Suicide Prevention Hotline in the US.
"988" calls are routed to the original 800-273-8255 number, so this old number can also be directly dialed. There are 5 call centers in Texas, one of which is in Dallas. The area code of your phone number will determine which call center in the US originally receives your phone call. If that first call center’s phone lines are all busy, your call will be routed to a primary center in New York.
The Suicide Prevention and Brain Health Rotary eClub is promoting the distribution of information about 988 to local communities and our Rotary networks. We ask that District 5810 help us in this Awareness Campaign and in advocating to our state representatives to provide funding to help call centers meet the expected increase in call volumes. General promotional materials can be ordered and/or downloaded at
Our club will be participating as part of a Mental Health America of Greater Dallas team to promote this distribution of information as well as promoting volunteer training at the local Suicide Crisis Center to answer hotline calls. Please contact Shirley Weddle at or for more information and to schedule presentations offered by our club members during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in September.