The Addison Midday Rotary Club's January service project was to 'stock' the 'Bush Galleria' store  at the George H W Bush Elementary School in Addison with toys, books and games.  Club members were encouraged to purchase the items during their Christmas Shopping trips.  Since gently used items were also accepted, some club members found this project a good way to reduce clutter around the house.
The school and the students were very appreciative of the donations.
Teachers and staff at GHW Bush Elementary School reward students with "Bush Bucks" when the student:
  • Helps out in class
  • Meets their (the student's) goals
  • Completes homework, etc.
  • Is observed doing the right thing in the cafeteria
  • Observed walking quietly in the halls
  • Shows good leadership. 
The student uses the Bush Bucks to 'purchase' items from the Bush Galleria - the items have different prices. 
Bush students and their sponsor, Mrs. Thomas, meet to determine the 'price' for each item. 
Initial donations for Bush Galleria came from students at Greenhill and GHW Bush staff and students at Greenhill School, a coed independent day school for prekindergarten – Grade 12.