Our goal for the First Lady Lisa's project was to raise $30,000 for Alzheimer's. Thus far, we have raised $$22,999. We have 28+ clubs that have not participated and we want to encourage every club to put some money toward this worthwhile cause so that we can be 100% Rotary 5810 District Proud.  Everyone's contribution will support our annual theme and with the support of all clubs we will know that  "District 5810 Made a Difference" in helping in the fight against Alzheimer's disease. We are only $7,001.00 from reaching our goal which is $250 X 28 clubs.   
Please help us reach the goal by posting this photo and encouraging clubs to make their contribution so we can be 100% participants this year and change the lives of others that need our help!   It is NOT too late for clubs for contribute. Checks can be made payable to:Rotary District 5810 and mailed directly to my address:   11925 Edgestone Road, TX 75230-2338