The Guerrero Rotary Clinic in Chihuahua, Mexico is the longest active Rotary clinic of its type as it approaches 40 years of operations. 60,000 indigent patients (Mexicans, Tarahumara Indians and Mennonites) have been treated at no cost to them. While every patient is an eye patient, the clinic provides additional medical services like dental, general medicine and certain specialties.
There are three eye clinics per year (spring, summer and fall) as well as one plastic surgery clinic. 400-700 patients are seen at each clinic with 100-300 surgeries performed (mostly cataracts). Head down to Mexico Monday night or Tuesday morning. Return home on Sunday. Once you land in Mexico, the clinic handles everything. The Chihuahua City airport is a 2-hour flight from Dallas. The Addison Rotary club has volunteered and supported the clinic since 2006. Robert Yudkin is one of its administrators. Members, spouses, sons and daughters have gone. One past president even met his wife at the clinic. Members in the district have also attended. It is a great hands-on international project for a club. Financial support is also appreciated. Next clinic leaves March 23rd and 24th. Cost is $385 plus airfare. Visit or contact for more info.