The upcoming Guerrero Spring Clinic dates are March 28- April 3rd. We are still looking for medical people (An Ophthalmologist who does cataracts, 1 or 2 Dentists, and a General Medicine Doc) and we are still open to a handful of non-medical people. Click to Volunteer.
As with most great projects, one Rotarian brought passion to an idea and lit the fuse. Many Rotarians joined in and here we are in the clinic's 41st year. We treat the indigent (Mexicans, Mennonites, and Tarahumara Indians) populations in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico and beyond. My unofficial estimate is that we have seen and treated over 65,000 patients - all at no cost to them. Every patient is an eye patient at our clinic but are also able to partake in other services such as dental, OB, and general medicine when available. 
We have three eye/dental clinics per year and one for plastic surgery. Eye clinics generally run from Tuesday through Saturday with one travel day on each side of the clinic. Patients are seen Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday through Friday. Post operative patients are seen on Saturday morning. We see between 600 and 800 patients each eye clinic and perform between 150 and 250 surgeries - mostly cataracts. Other eye services include refractions, manufacturing and dispensing of glasses, yag laser procedures, retina and low vision specialists.   
Costs for the clinic are about $400 plus your airfare to Chihuahua City (airport code CUU). Once you land, we take care of you. We handle ground transportation in Mexico, meals at the clinic in lodging in a family run motel on the edge of an apple orchard about 2 kilometers from the clinic. 
Travel days are Monday 3/28 and Sunday 4/3 (with the possibility of a late departure on 4/2). At this time, only American services CUU from the states so flights go through Dallas.
Robert Yudkin, Guerrero Clinic Administrator 
Member Plano East Rotary Club, District 5810
Past President of the Addison Rotary Club, District 5810
32 year Rotarian (with perfect attendance)