Welcome to the Rotary District 5810 Public Image Champion Games

All Level Challenges must be electronically submitted using the submission links BELOW!

To the LEFT... you will find RESOURCES to help complete each of the Levels. 


Submit all of your Level Challenges by clicking on each link below! 

All levels must be completed by May 1, 2024


Level Two - Use the Pre-Event Checklist for guidance to promote your fundraiser! Be sure to print out some flyers "What is Rotary Talking Points" to promote your Club at the event. Use CANVA to create a flyer/graphic to promote your Fundraiser! Click here to submit your Club Fundraiser
Level Three - Note that all stories submitted since July 1, 2023 will count for this Level. Submit here
Level Four - Click here to submit your People Of Action photo. Use the People of Action Campaign How-To Steps to create a People of Action Campaign using your photo! Share your image & story on social media and website! 
Level Five - Submit Joint Service Project. Don’t forget to share your work on social media, using the hashtag #CelebrateCommunity and post details to the Rotary Showcase
Level Six -  See the side bar for some Rotary Landmark Options. Submit your Club Landmark
Level Seven - Use either the Press Release Template to create a professional press release. Submit here. Don't forget to submit your professional press release to media outlets.