August is Membership and new Club Development month.  Do you want to grow your club and bring in new Rotarians?  Plan and take action on one or more of the following things during August.
  1. Hold a social or hands-on community project event.  Make it something fun your members will want to attend and ask them to bring friends and family members. This is a great opportunity to further build relationships between members and to introduce potential new members to your club and Rotary.
  2. Recognize members Rotary anniversaries, work achievements and other honors.  Losing good members is a major problem.  Remember what Jennifer Jones said, “we need to care and comfort our members”.  This is a great way to do it.  And remember we can't say “thank you” often enough.
  3. Have a “This is Rotary and this is our club” event.  Ask your members to bring a prospective member.  Start with social time and then present what your clubs projects are and achievements have been. You will likely get several new members that way.
  4. Plan and start a satellite for your club. I've heard some members say, “it will dilute our membership by taking away members”.  This isn’t true!  Consider the fact that not everyone can or wants to meet on the same day at the same time your club is meeting. Creating a satellite (not a separate club) is a win-win.  People who would not consistently attend your regular club meetings have the opportunity to attend another time and date and still be members of your club.  You can find information about Satellites on in the Learning Center.
Do something new that makes a difference & Grow Rotary!
DG Howard Templin