June is Rotary Fellowship Month.  This is a great time to have a club social event to celebrate your club’s accomplishments of this Rotary year and your incoming officers. 
I have attended 5 RI conventions.  To me, this year’s was the best yet.  The General Sessions had extremely impactful speakers and were very inspirational and informative.  They had so many incredible people showcased and seeing all of the impactful and life-changing things that Rotarians are doing around the world really impressed me with how Rotarians are changing lives by thinking big and taking action! To me, President Jennifer Jones was the most outstanding.  The amount of travel she did this year to so many countries impacting so many people and projects was amazing!
For those who could not attend the convention, GOOD NEWS!  Here is a link where you can view videos of the great speakers!  Take advantage and watch these. 
I promise you will be really glad you did! 
Another thing that struck me was the dedication to continuity from Jennifer Jones to Gordon McInally to Stephanie Urckeck.  I strongly believe this bodes well for Rotary with these selfless leaders showing the way. Your Governor Line is and has been doing the same.  We are dedicated to helping each other be successful as your DGs and to do everything we can to help you make your clubs successful! 
For the state of Rotary, here is General Secretary John Hewko’s report at the Convention.   You can click a link on the My Rotary | My Rotary  to hear it.  I think you will find it worth listening to.
Presidents, are you making progress on inputting your goals in the Goal Center in Rotary Club Central? Work on it now and save stress later!  15 clubs have not input a single goal and 2 had less than 6 input.  It isn’t too late.  Get going!  The Rotary Citation is a great way to show how your club is impacting your community and the world.
The District Goal for Annual Fund Giving is $300K. The Polio Plus Goal is $100K. We are so close, but we still have a little more to go. The goals are obtainable. Please get your donations in as soon as possible or they may not be recorded until after July 1st, which means the money won’t come back to clubs for another Rotary year from the Annual Fund!  Also, the Gates Foundation matching funds will be less for the coming year. But there is still time to give! Nike! (Just Do It!)
Get signed up for Rotary Direct on the RI website for at least $10 per month.  If you do this it will be painless, and if more of us sign up, it will increase total giving and have a bigger impact in 3 years when most of this money comes back here so we can finance more grants for local and global projects. Here is the link.
Membership is looking positive! Keep finding those “Rotarians who don’t know they are Rotarians” and bring them into Rotary!
What have you accomplished this year?  Here’s a summary:
  • 72 Net positive – 2542 current members, 349 new members, 96.28% Retention
  • 62 Rotary Clubs
  • 5 Rotaract Clubs
  • 4 Club Satellites
  • 51 Interact Clubs
Foundation Giving:
  • Polio Plus: $95,062, 25 non-giving clubs 
  • Annual Fund: $278,356, 6 non-giving clubs
  • Arch Klump: 1 new and 2 achieved Level 2
  • Other giving:
    • 9 Global Grants
    • 1 District Scholarship Grant
    • 251 Paul Harris Fellows, 16 Major Donors
    • 138 are signed up for Rotary Direct, only 5% of members
There is something in common with the most successful clubs in our District.  They have taken advantage of training opportunities for their officers and members.  They attended Lone Star PETS, District Leadership Training Assembly, Grant Training and have taken the Learning Center  courses for club officers on the RI website.  Please take advantage of these opportunities to grow your leaders. I twill make a big difference in your club.  After you log onto myrotary.org, click this link to go to the Learning Center.
Please sign up to attend the District Governor, District Leadership & Club Presidents Installation from 5-8 PM on June 29th at the Park City Club.  Register Today!
Finally, it has been an honor and privilege to be your District Governor this year.  I hope I have made at least some difference to the members and the Clubs of 5810.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Howard L. Templin
5810 District Governor
There is just over 3 weeks left in the Rotary Year! Imagine Rotary! Think big and take action!