As our 100 degree temps finally fade away and Autumn becomes a welcome reality, We think of things to come. First on my list is that October is Polio Eradication Month. This is the time when clubs celebrate the enjoyment of a Pint or a Pinot, or something else, to help fight the curse of Polio.
We are on our way to reaching our goal in funds donated for this important cause, and we must continue. Our work is not done until it is completely done.
This is also the time when dues are due. The District dues notices have been sent out, as have the RI notices. Thank you in advance.
On a similar note, there are clubs that have not listed their leadership with RI. Presidents, PEs and Treasurers should all be listed. Contact your AG if you may need assistance in listing your leaders. It is also very important that every club submit their goals for the year in Rotary Club Central, as many have already done.
But mainly, I encourage all of us to enjoy this fine Autumn weather, cheer for your team, fight Polio and have fun with your Rotary family.
See you at Roundtable October 7.