District 5810's Global Scholarship Recipient, Kyle Kass, is fully immersed in his life at Oxford, and what an exciting journey it has been so far!
In the snapshot above, you can see Kyle, a native of Coppell and a West Point graduate, taking a significant step in his academic adventure as he participated in the matriculation ceremony at Oxford, officially becoming an Oxford student. During his time there, Kyle had the chance to meet fellow Thames Valley Rotary Scholars, and they wasted no time diving into their year-long group project. Additionally, he had the privilege of connecting with the D1090 Rotarians, further strengthening the Rotary family ties. As he continues his studies at Oxford, Kyle promises to keep us updated with pictures and stories. He extends his deepest gratitude to all Rotarians in District 5810 for this incredible opportunity to make a difference in the world. 📚🌍🎓