As of the end of September I visited 58 clubs.  Most have come out of the COVID malaise, are gaining members and are trying new things; like doing hands-on community projects and having social events as an alternative to only club meetings.  These projects are great because these Rotarians are doing what they joined to do, make a difference.  I believe these projects inspire and energize our members. 
Some are inviting friends and family to join them, and they are gaining new members!  Try it!  It doesn’t have to cost money and you may get community recognition and grow your clubs.  Be sure to take action videos and photos.  Post them on your web page and on Facebook!  Send them to the media with a story using the Media Kit from the District website.  You may attract some new Rotarians who don’t know they are Rotarians yet.
Did you see that RI President Jennifer Jones Pledged $150 Million to eradicating polio?  Polio is here in the US and in the Dallas area!  Let’s pull together to raise money to stop polio!  October 24th is world polio day.  Have you planned your fundraiser yet?  It's not too late.  Start now!  Clubs are doing a variety of things like Pino for Polio,  Pints for Polio or Take a Pie for Polio to raise money to donate to stopping Polio.  Please jump in, contribute and make a difference!
October 11th is UNICEF Day of the Girl. What will your club do to “Empower the Girl”? See the article on the District website by Janelle Twyford-Silvis, President of the Plano Club, about the District Initiative she is organizing.
Rotary will send out an all-member survey this month.  To ensure that you receive it, sign in to My Rotary, make sure you have an account and verify your email address.  Make your opinion known and help improve RI.  They actually listen!
I look forward to seeing you at Roundtable, Saturday, October 8th at Christ United Methodist Church.  Come early at 9, meet other Rotarians, exchange ideas and plan a joint project or grant.
5810 District Governor Howard Templin