June 15, Rotary Club of Dallas gathered to celebrate the lives changed through the Dream Team mentoring program. Scholarships were awarded to 2 high school seniors who have successfully completed 3 years of mentoring. 5 mentees already in college or universities received their scholarships.
Mentees emotionally shared that their lives were immediately and forever changed through engaging with their Rotary Mentors, participating in community service and learning leadership skills. Mentees commented that Rotary Dream Team helped them to “chase their challenges” and “has opened so many doors and my eyes…to see more doors”. Some mentees have set an example for as many as three of their siblings to also be on the Dream Team and receive Rotarian mentoring and scholarships.
In an invitation for other Rotarians to be Dream Team Mentors it was said “If you examine all the opportunities that this program {Rotary} has to give funds and resources, you would be hard pressed to find an endeavor that has a better return on investment than the Dream Team.” Rotary Club of Dallas has awarded over 600,000 dollars in scholarships and long-term commitment by a pair Rotarians to mentor each of the sophomore high school students through a 4-year college degree.