We are excited to announce the rollout of the Membership Olympic Games - a fantastic opportunity for your club to not only strengthen your bond with existing members but also attract new ones!
There are only 5 games that need to be completed by May 1, 2024. In fact, two of the games you may have already completed. Check the scoreboard.  
Each game introduces you to tools, resources, and activities to build and strengthen your Club membership and enhance retention.
Game One – Complete a short survey to easily define Club membership chair and create membership goals.
Game Two – Conduct a survey of your Club Membership – use the surveys provided or create your own!
Game Three – Induct new Rotarians 
Game Four – Organize a membership engagement activity that supports service, leadership, personal growth, or networking opportunities.
Game Five – Schedule a District Membership Team Presentation
And for our overachievers, there are two bonus rounds: 1. Complete 3 membership learning center course and 2. Sponsor/nurture a Service Companion Club or Rotary Club