Did you hear the news? There is now an opportunity to win a cash prize for completing the Public Image Champion Games! There are only five tasks. We KNOW you can get them all done before the May 1 deadline.
The Public Image Champion Games were created to give Clubs tools & resources to better promote themselves. If you have not yet played, no worries .. there is still plenty of time to play. All the templates, step-by-step videos and tools can be found on the Public Image Champion Games page. 
Level 2: Promoting your  Club as "People of Action. Create a Club “People of Action” photo that includes an ACTION VERB using the People of Action photo editor. Then use this image on your social media channels. Submit your photo to pr@rotary5810.org.
Level 3: Promote Your Club at the District. Submit 2 stories/events for the newsletter and social media promotion. Submit here
Level 4: Promote Club Membership. We will create the graphic you and then you post it on social media. Use the new "Member Spotlight" tool. 
Level 5: Get Media Attention. Use the Press Release Template to create a professional press release. Submit here.
For all you, Public Image Rockstars .. there are also 2 bonus rounds.
Thank you to all the Clubs that have participated so far in the Public Image Champion Games! Check out the Public Image Champion Games Scoreboard to see how many games you have completed.