At a recent meeting, Rotary Wylie East Fork took a field trip all the way across the street to Noble Experiment, the first zero-proof speakeasy in the Dallas Metroplex.
Owner and operator Jessie Mejia explained this growing market and shared samples of some of their signature cocktails. Ms. Mejia explained that they are not there to judge or make anyone feel bad for having an alcoholic beverage, they simply want to offer an alternative, inclusive space for those who may not feel comfortable in a traditional bar setting. There are already many fun places in downtown Wylie to enjoy a traditional adult beverage, but Noble Experiment is there when you still want to hang out, but no longer wish to drink alcohol. She shared the story of her trivia team who used to play at a local bar prior to the pandemic. After the pandemic, many of her friends decided to give up drinking and they were no longer comfortable at a bar. This got Ms. Mejia thinking and led her down a proverbial rabbit hole filled with zero-proof spirits and prepackaged non-alcoholic beverages. When the space above her Mexican bakery opened up, she knew exactly what it needed to become.
Noble Experiment is located in historic downtown Wylie and can be accessed via the bakery through what seems to be a Coke machine, but is actually a secret door. This gives the bar a playful, speakeasy atmosphere that offers live music and trivia on special nights. It is also a perfect event space for celebrations or meetings and is available to rent. Our Rotary group had a wonderful afternoon taste-testing new recipes made with alcohol-free spirits, and couldn't wait to share the space with other clubs in the North Texas area. We are already planning a future meeting there, and hope you will visit soon as well!