Camp RYLA 2023,  by all accounts, was a raving success!  Even though it has only been 1 month since we closed out the in-person camp program there is always lots going on for the students to continue the engagements from camp.    Cabin groups are still making sure they keep in touch with each other through out the summer months.
Camp 2023 was the 32nd year for Camp RYLA built on a multi-decade of Club support as well as the grit and experiences gained as over 6500 students have been able to attend during this period.   For this Camp RYLA 2023, 187 campers and 77 staff members came together to produce, once again, the best camp yet!
Grouped into eight cabins, campers took part in world-class facilitations, worked through tough (but fun!) team-building exercises, and ran the camp themselves as members of 12 various committees. They learned about themselves as well as their potential positive impact on their communities. The students attending were absolutely outstanding, a powerful group of young leaders poised to change the world for the best.
Following Rotary tradition, the alumni association has the honor of selecting recipients for several scholarships. In the closing ceremonies of Camp RYLA 2023, one thousand dollars scholarships was awarded to nine total recipients: five college students, and four alumni/rotary volunteers. Funding for these scholarships comes from alumni fundraising as well as contributions to the RYLA Foundation.
Students are already making their rounds, coming back to the clubs who sent them to give a camp recap and express their gratitude for the opportunity to attend.   Don't have your students scheduled yet? Get in contact with them soon, so you can enjoy their excitement!