The Suicide Prevention & Brain Health Rotary eClub promoted suicide prevention and brain/mental health awareness while sharing our eClub member resources with attendees and other vendors at the annual Mental Health America (MHA) Adolescent Symposium on March 2-3 in Plano. With MHA’s outstanding education sessions, there were more than 700 registrants, providing us with the opportunity to connect with attendees from many backgrounds and geographic locations.
MHA of Greater Dallas supports legislative advocacy efforts as well as providing free mental health screenings plus programs for schools and families. The MHA Annual State of Mental Health Report for the U.S. is a nationally recognized reference. It can be downloaded at .
We thank new member Bonnie Cook of MHA for securing a reserved vendor location for our eClub. For more information or to request a presentation about the programs and services offered by Mental Health America, please contact our Suicide Prevention and Brain Health Rotary eClub at .