WRR Members {front Row: Helen Stettler, Win Evans, Enid Jones,
Ed Schaefer, Walt McCool. {Back row}: Gene McFarland and Roger Pryor.
The mission of Rotary International includes providing service to others, promoting integrity, and advancing world understanding, good will and peace through fellowship of community leaders.
At the Rotary Club of White Rock, the emphasis on community fellowship is evident in our work and projects in and around our community. One of our projects took about 7 years to complete. In 2016, then President Walt McCool and the members at the time, provided funds to buy the above-mentioned historical marker to commemorate an almost forgotten family in Lake Highlands – The Hill family.
Jeff and Hanna Hill, freed slaves, settled on land at Thurgood Lane just north of Northwest Highway. Jeff and Hanna were freed in 1865 and were given the land after the end of the Civil War. The homestead was called Little Egypt, alluding to the biblical exodus of Jews from Egypt. The homes and land were sold in 1962 when the area was zoned for commercial use. Many family members settled in various parts of Dallas and surrounding areas.
Two professors from Richland College revived the history of the area and with the help of their students, collaboration from the City of Dallas and WRR- especially, Roger Pryor, set in motion a series of events that led to the commemoration ceremony on June 3, 2023.
Six generations of the Hill family were present as well as members of WRR, community members, Council representatives and staff of Dallas City office for the unveiling and celebration.
The marker is located on the west side of Thurgood lane on property owned by Dallas Park and Recreation Department in Lake Highlands and is available for viewing at any time.
Enid Jones President
The Rotary Club of White Rock
Dallas, TX